A Place of Relaxation and Sophistication!

Reserved for Founders level members only.

Expertly crafted drinks, professional mixologists, premium spirits, smooth cigars, all available to our Founders in an exclusive lounge that features an elevated and unparalleled ambiance. Even a place as ambitious and bold as the Guntry Club has a taste for the finer things. The Founders Lounge enhances the type of experience our facility can provide, further establishing LawMan Tactical as a premier destination in Southern Indiana.

Searching for a relaxing evening of conversation and downtime, but grown tired of the usual options in the Tri-State? The Founders Lounge will tailor an experience of refinement and entertainment. Our exquisite selection of fine spirits, liquors, vodkas, tequilas, and cocktails will transport you to a high-class world of taste and extravagance.

Come enjoy the best of the best, while our attentive staff provide you with the utmost level of service. Wind down and take it easy, and allow us to tantalize your tastebuds while providing you with an upscale experience like no other. Register to become a Founder, or upgrade your membership level to gain access. We’ll make sure to pour it tall for you once you’re here.

Kick Back and Enjoy the Show

Join Us For Live Performances

When you think of a bourbon lounge, live music may not cross your mind- but now it should. Live music adds a great atmosphere to any venue, and we’re thrilled to offer this at the Founders Lounge. The musicians that we feature are the perfect accompaniment to the lavish atmosphere. Whether it’s the smooth sounds of a jazz guitarist, the soulful melodies of a blues musician, or exceptional tones from a vocalist group– multiple genres and performances will be on display. Our live music will set a relaxed and engaging tone for the evening, creating an atmosphere that is both sophisticated and welcoming.

Our live performances round out the Guntry Club as one of the best locations to catch a show in the Tri-State, and we encourage members to take advantage of this unique amenity. As our community comes together to enjoy the music and fellowship in the Founders Lounge, our values of Faith and Family are strengthened and perpetuated. We strive to provide an unforgettable experience for all of our members, and we believe the handpicked musicians we selected are the perfect way to commend our members who are committed to the highest level of loyalty to LawMan Tactical.