Fitness Center

Strengthen the body, sharpen the mind

Open to members who are a part of Founders, Founders Social, and the Corporate package, our loaded fitness center has plenty of options for any type of workout, at any kind of intensity level.


  • March to the beat of your own drum and workout to your own rhythm as you deem fit
  • Whether it’s pumping good ol’ iron or using the HIIT area, the fitness center has you covered
  • Strength in numbers: if a group setting is what motivates you, then join others and workout in a class setting

Within all of the other types of training and self-enhancement we have in our facility, having access to a fully equipped gym is a necessity to complete your overall improvement. So make sure to work our fitness center into your list of training to complete at our facility, and work out with all the resources openly provided to you.

Personal Training

Begin or continue your training

We offer numerous forms of training that will be available to anyone at any given skill level, with a built-in improvement plan. Begin your journey to a better physical state or continue to refine the one you’re in, all in a comfortable environment and plan that is accommodated your fitness preferences.

Our training is designed to be welcoming and properly suited to enhance user experience, and ensure a correct development to the desired outcome. Our setting allows for an approachable atmosphere with no judgment and only encouragement to motivate anyone who seeks out our training services- the best training in Indiana.

View our memberships to decide which is the best level for you, and consult with our trainers to decide what is the right path for your training and physical wellness.