Firing Ranges

Open to the Public

Hone your marksmanship

Our firing range division contains 12 separate shooting lanes, with seven of them being specifically designed to be used in tactical training courses and scenarios- while the other five operate as traditional shooting ranges. We ensure the highest level of firearm and facility safety with trained experts always monitoring our ranges, as well as assisting in any kind of support needed by our valued members


  • 7 Public Lanes and 5 member-only lanes
  • Lanes are 25 yards and temperature controlled
  • Up to two people per stall
  • Tues-Fri 9 am – 6 pm, Sat 9 am – 4 pm, Sun 12 pm – 4 pm
  • Cameras and tablets in all bays allow the shooter to see and shot-mark their target without requiring pull back of the target
  • $25/hour – call for reservations

Ammunition Restrictions*:

  • Can shoot up to a .308
  • No steel core ammunition (5.56 Green-tip)
  • No steel or aluminum-cased ammunition
  • No tracer or incendiary ammunition
  • Shotgun: no birdshot, slug or 00 buckshot only
  • Consult with staff on your ammunition before firing in the range

*Non-approved ammunition creates safety hazards for our bullet traps, but more importantly, can create safety issues for anyone using the range. If a member utilizes these types of non-approved ammunition, you will be asked to exit the range and your membership will be terminated. This may seem extreme, however, our goal is to provide a safe, clean, and state-of-the-art environment for our members and the public to train.

Live Fire Simulation

  • Reality-Based Scenarios
  • Useful for Training and Entertainment
  • Various Shooting Games and Training Programs

A Next Level Experience

Grab your gear and ready up – stepping into Lawman Tactical’s state-of-the-art simulator room transports you to full immersive training that is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Our fully immersive environment puts you in the center of the action, allowing you to train for high-stress challenges in a safe and controlled setting.

With realistic scenario-based situations and accuracy games, you’ll sharpen your marksmen skills and hone your instincts, all while utilizing your own personal firearm to further build confidence and familiarity. Our expertly designed simulator room provides a unique and unforgettable experience, allowing you to safely test your abilities and enhance your tactical proficiency.

  • Reality-Based Scenarios
  • Useful for Training and Entertainment
  • Various Shooting Games and Training Programs

Improving your sharpshooting in a safe and controlled environment is critical, and is taken very serious by our team. Our range will allow for a relaxed setting that allows shooters of any given skill level to elevate their aim ability and familiarity with a firearm. If you’re working on technique for a competition, or just getting the feel for shooting, sign up for a membership today to utilize our innovative and high quality range for a monthly price.

Gun Care Center

Hands on firearm consulting

Lawman Tactical Guntry Club offers a unique service in addition to our other wholesales for firearms and ammunition- To work closely with a trained firearm expert and consultant to accurately determine what is the best fit for your specific needs, down to any minute detail that you may require or prefer. With a variety of options and a surplus of inventory, it can become quickly overwhelming to select the right option that is best applicable for your situation, our experts want to work step by step with you to ensure that we’re providing the right firearm for any use you may have for it.

Work with a professional consultant to ensure you leave with the firearm you deserve

  • Conversational and relaxed setting with an expert
  • Wide variety of aftermarket parts also available
  • Consulting with experts guarantees your investment
  • Your input is valued each step of the way

Utilize our experts, our ranges, and our extensive store to ensure your absolute satisfaction in a firearm purchase. Because it truly is more than just a gun you picked out; it’s your protection and your own thought-out decision.