*Updated-Actual* Anti-Bullying Dojo for Kids

LawMan Tactical Dojo

This is entry-level reality-based training and group discussions just for kids ages 5 - 15 yrs of age. Intro-level tactics and great segway possibly into our Jiu-Jitsu for kids classes as their confidence builds. Rules and Requirements: Soft sole shoes and socks No jeans No sharp objects on clothing No belts Towel Water Good attitude […]

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Kalah Combat Self-Defense Training

LawMan Tactical Dojo

"We don't build masters, we build Survivors" Kalah Indiana offers comprehensive tactical self-defense training every Wednesday at 6:45 PM here in the LawMan Tactical Dojo. This program equips individuals with crucial skills for survival against physical and weapon attacks, focusing on strategic techniques for real-life scenarios. With an emphasis on personal safety and effective threat […]

Get Tickets Free – $20.00 30 tickets left