Members Only – Indian Cuisine Buffet Night

Founders Lounge - LawMan Tactical

Indulge in a culinary adventure with LawMan Tactical's exclusive "Indian Cuisine Night." We invite members to join us in the Founders Lounge for an evening of delectable flavors and cultural immersion. From 6 PM to 9 PM, members are cordially invited to savor a sumptuous buffet-style feast, showcasing the vibrant and authentic tastes of India. […]

Kalah Training

LawMan Tactical Dojo

"We don't build masters, we build survivors" Kalah Indiana offers comprehensive tactical self-defense training every Wednesday at 6:45 PM here in the LawMan Tactical Dojo. This program equips individuals with crucial skills for survival against physical and weapon attacks, focusing on strategic techniques for real-life scenarios. With an emphasis on personal safety and effective threat […]

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Jazz with Monte Skelton

Founders Lounge - LawMan Tactical

Members Only For Monte Skelton, music is a way of life. Whether he is performing live or composing an album, it’s very likely there’s an instrument nearby that he can play quite well. The University of Evansville alumni is a music educator at Evansville Music Academy, and performs music around the Midwestern United States. Along […]