Bryan Bishop
LawMan Tactical
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The all-in-one training venue promises to be unlike anything else in the Tri-State.

LawMan Tactical, a firearm, and self-defense training company, announced that they are hosting numerous activities and events at their new Guntry Club facility for founding members, scheduled to span the entirety of December 17. The ceremonies will commence at LawMan Plaza between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. and will allow members to experience, tour, and celebrate the new training facility.

In anticipation of the activity-packed weekend, LawMan Tactical founder and owner Bryan Bishop said, “As the founder, my highest priority for our facility is to provide our members with the finest experience and service available.”

Bishop and his team had weathered the storm of supply chain issues and taken the necessary precautions to ensure a quality launch of the facility, however, external forces have deemed certain amenities unavailable at this time. The planned itinerary will demonstrate the Guntry Club’s ability to be an ‘ultimate training facility’, with training courses and restaurant services all being showcased.

In order to spotlight the full capacity of beneficiaries the members of LawMan Tactical will receive, Bishop and his team have planned the following featured events:

  • Guided tours of the location will be provided by LawMan Tactical staff members to display the firing range, classroom, fitness center, dojo, retail store, and coffee lab.
  • To provide further entertainment to attendees, the ceremony will feature a performance from musician Nick Gregory.
  • As the facility’s retail division offers an extensive inventory, expert faculty members will be available for product education.
  • The highest membership subscription includes access to the “Founder’s Lounge” cigar and bourbon bar, and mixologists will be on hand to craft drink samples for adults.
  • The grand opening will not only be celebrating the launch of the new facility, but also the holiday season; with visits from Mr. and Mrs. Clause, dispersal of Christmas gifts, a children’s Christmas coloring contest as well as a Christmas tree decorating ceremony.

Bishop intends for the location to be a hub of patriotism, and an establishment where traditional American values can be openly spoken and practiced, “This location is designed to train professionals and civilians alike to ensure that the freedoms of this land are protected, freedoms many in the nation take for granted.”

The agenda will be initiated by an official ribbon cutting with the Pledge of Allegiance and an opening prayer, immediately followed by a formal introduction to the staff leadership.

About LawMan Tactical: The LawMan Tactical brand encompasses the core beliefs used to establish our nation and applies them in an unwavering commitment to ensure these values are protected and upheld. It has become a training, security, and firearm retail company composed primarily of law enforcement and military veterans to guarantee that expert-level quality is being brought to any potential clientele that requires these pivotal, life-saving services. As the conventional founding values continue to become cast aside and deemed not appropriate for public consumption, LawMan Tactical endures as a beacon and safe keeper of American rights and traditions.