GRIT Class

LawMan Tactical Gym

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), mainly machine and body weight workouts. Required accessories: water bottle, towel, and yourself. Cost depends on membership: Founders - Free Founders social - 2 Free classes […]

Free – $20.00

Dojo Class

LawMan Tactical Dojo

This is reality-based training. Close-quarters combat, ground fighting, weapon defense, and retention. Our classes will encompass a multitude of disciplines that transfer to the real world. Rules and Requirements: Soft […]

Free – $12.00

Firearms Safety for Kids – Free

LawMan Tactical - Briefing Room

This class is free for children ages 8-15 yrs and will cover safety, mindset, and responsible decision-making for children who live where weapons are present or find a weapon in […]