LawMan Tactical Coffee Lab

Open To The Public!

7 a.m. – 2 p.m. Tuesday thru Saturday

At LawMan Tactical Coffee Lab, we strive to bring you the finest specialty coffee without the pretense often associated with it.  We are proud to offer an expertly crafted specialty coffee experience featuring drinks tailored for a wide range of coffee lovers’ preferences. Try one of our caffeinated beverages and we hope to help you discover your new favorite.

Located within our Pro Shop, the Coffee Lab happily serves the Tri-State with many unique blends and creative concoctions that are guaranteed to deliver an elevated drinking experience that your tastebuds won’t find anywhere else. Whether it’s classic black coffee, or a more immersive adventure of flavor in a latte that you dream up with our master coffee creators, make the LawMan Tactical Coffee Lab your go-to caffeine stop.

Choose from our specialty drinks, or one of our signature blends

Roll Call – A medium dark roast made up of South and Central American coffees. This blend is well-rounded, smooth, and naturally sweet, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer a creamy coffee.

Breacher – This taste-packed blend is a darker roast featuring South American, Central American, and Indonesian coffees. This blend is perfect for espresso drinks and has chocolate and cherry notes, making it a balanced and delicious choice.

Guatemala – Our single-origin “Guatemala” coffee is grown in the renowned Antigua region and has hazelnut, dark chocolate, and almond notes. This coffee is one of our most popular and versatile options.

Dayshifter – For those seeking for a decaf option, our “Dayshifter” blend is unique and tastes much like its caffeinated counterparts thanks to the Sugarcane Ethyl Acetate decaffeination process. This blend is sweet, balanced, has the same lemon-forward flavor as an espresso, and possesses a pronounced sweetness in milk.